• Welcome to Knowmads Lab

    An intensive 4+2 weeks (un)learning program to connect with your own life path.
    Together with an international team of facilitators and your tribe of participants
    you will discover the values and horizons that really matter to you.
    Knowmads Lab is an experimental journey of self discovery
    to take full charge for your life and purposeful actions.

    Future Labs in planning 
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    4+2 weeks to tune in onto your inner fire!
    Here's our map:

    4 residential weeks. Living together in a beautiful natural surrounding working on:

    2 weeks of Intensive Experiences where we'll dive through some of the most powerful methodologies of self development such as NVC, Possibility Management,  authenticity and vulnerability, art, movement, community building, and more.
    2 weeks of Self Connection. A time dedicated to integrate of all you've been (un)learning so far by stepping into a deep process of Vision Quest and connecting with the Radical Responsibility, to strengthen your inner power and take action! 
    2 weeks self organized journey. This time is for you to take action!
    During the last 2 weeks you will take action doing what you want to do and going where you want to go! Maybe going home to have that important talk with your family or friends, or instead visiting a project that is thrilling you since long time, or why not starting a pilgrimage towards Santiago, You decide!
    Alone, together with another participant or with someone else, your choice! We will be your backup support, coaching you and having regular online meetings to update one another about our adventure! How do u feel about it? scared or excited?


    week 1-2
    Change begins from letting go.
    What are my masks? My patterns? My believes about myself? How can I let them go?
    You'll get introduced to some highly efficient self-development tools, as Possibility Management, Authenticity and Vulnerability, Non-Violent Communication, Art Expression, Free Movement and others.
    You'll be challenged to take a sharp look at yourself and your habits and invited to chose your own authentic way of being.


    week 3-4
    Change begins connecting with myself. 
    Who am I? What is my mission in this world?
    What my heart is really longing for?
    From the second week we'll enter into a more introspective phase of our Journey through Vision Quest, Passion Test, Yoga Nature, Mindfulness and other practices that will help you to connect with your inner self and find your own answers to some of your big questions.

    Radical Responsibility

    week 5-6
    Change begins acting here and now.
    How entrepreneurial am I in my behaviour?  Can work be playful? How do I take initiative?
    This last two weeks are non residential and will be totally shaped and created by you! You'll decide where to go, what to do. You'll take the full lead receiving an on-line support from us.
    Are you ready to dare doing what your heart is telling you to do?

    here are the main points we'll work on

    Possibility Management

    the context of personal growth that empowers individuals to
    release illusions, beliefs, dependencies, and patterns and to unfold
    your own life’s rich possibilities

    Non Violent Communication

    also called Compassionate Communication aim to develop our empathy developing self awareness, listening and expressing capacity to communicate your truth

    Authenticity and Vulnerability

    we will explore how letting ourselves be seen, embracing

    our vulnerability and imperfections can lead us to a more authentic, self-loving and compassionate life.


    Art and Creative Expression

    using objects, colors, music, sounds as method of self development and therapeutic technique to unfold the creative potential of the individuals and the group.

    Yoga, Movement and Dance

    to develop our sensitivity and strength we will use our bodies to express ourselves freely, interact with the others, dancing, improvising and practising Yoga in nature!


    Vision Quest

    to experience profound change accessing to the more authentic aspects of our self, developing consciousness and connecting with our life purpose

    Self-Organized Journey

    an education program that let me do what I want to do? YES, the last two
    weeks will be the time to put everything you learned and
    discover in action! We'll be there to support you.

    We are

    The Knowmads Spain team and just like you we have been passing through a system of education that didn't support us too well.
    As a reaction each one of us, in his and her own way, started a personal learning journey to find an answer to two big questions:
    "Who am I?" and "What is my heart really longing for?"
    During this journey we happened to meet on the way, feeling clearly the call to share all these experiences, knowledge and passion with the world and with others who like us are dreaming of a free and fulfilling life. From this wish Knowmads Lab was born!

    We believe

    in the power of co-creation and co-learning, and not in the game of teacher and student.
    In Knowmads Lab we live together, eat together, process together and above all we learn together!
    There is no separation between facilitators and participant. You'll get to know us, including our weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
    We are looking forward to get to know you, who you really are, without masks and armors.
    Looking forward to meet you. Being to being. Heart to heart.

    The economic value of the 4+2 weeks of Knowmads Lab, including workshops, coaching, processes and support (not including accommodation and self organized journey) is 3000€.
    Since we want to make Knowmads Lab accessible to anyone with high motivation, we decided to embrace the spirit of the gift economy. Therefore YOU choose how much you are able and happy to pay for the Lab:


    Generosity fee
    This fee not only cover costs and payment of the team, it mainly support other participants to have scholarships


    Full fee
    This is the current price of Knowmads Lab. It cover the fix costs and enable us to do our work sustainably.

    1000€ + your gift

    Minimum fee
    This covers our costs, not the payment for the team. On top of it you can donate whatever you feel appropriate
  • need more support?

    If you find it too difficult to afford, do not give up the idea of participating!
    We would like you to be able to participate independently of money. Here's how:
    - Supporting you to create your own personal crowdfunding campaign to fundraise the fee.
    - Offering 2 scholarship of 500€ to who, despite the effort to fundraise, still cannot afford the minimum fee.

    Please note: to the participation fee each participant will need to add
    - Accommodation & food will be 400€ - 450€ per Person for the residential 4 weeks residential time. 
    - Personal expenses for the non-residential last 2 weeks of the program.


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